Welcome to BigEdHouse! I'm Amy Mayer, the founder of BEH. I worked to have this site created because I noticed how hard it was for schools to find the temporary experts they needed to help with special projects or implementations AND how hard it was to BE found as an expert looking for those same schools. I hope you love it enough to use it! If you need anything, please use the contact information at the bottom of each page to get in touch. Now, about me as an educational expert . . . I am passionate about Google Apps for Education, Student Engagement, and Tier 1 Positive Behavior Support for teachers. I'd love to help you, your school, or your district with your implementation or special project. Use the buttons at right to get in touch with me! Thanks for visiting the site!


  • Google Certified Trainer & Innovator
  • Texas Certified Teacher
  • Certified Online Instructor

Work History

Amy is an experienced education consultant and keynote speaker who has worked in education for over twenty years in both public and private schools. Once a classroom teacher, Amy has been an Instructional Technology Coordinator for a large Texas public school district, worked for a regional service center, and worked with thousands of educators from hundreds (thousands?) of schools across the nation as an educational leader in innovative teaching practices, project based learning, and Google Apps for Education, among other topics.

  • Motivational speaker and trainer who excels in creating culture, marketing, and communicating
  • Creator of engaging learning environments both online and face-to-face
  • Results-oriented, collaborative, experienced manager with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Visionary leader who builds a positive and productive team environment
  • Creative designer of original staff developments on current trends and best practices at local, regional and state levels
  • Innovative problem solver with a history of results-oriented solutions

Work Samples

Differences Between "Doing Projects" and Project Based Learning (PBL)

This chart has been re-published so often that you might not realize it was originally published on Amy's blog, http://www.friedtechnology.com

friEdTechnology Blog

A robust educational blog that perfectly reflects the philosophy and abilities of Amy

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YouTube Channel